Intensity is Key

There are a lot of different styles, methods, and brands of exercise out there, and they all promise to get you lean and fit in no time at all. Want a workout that will help you to lose weight, but not sure which method is right for you? Read on…….

Let’s start by clarifying that any type of exercise is good (when done properly), and will yield better weight loss results than doing nothing at all. That being said, if weight loss is your goal, then high intensity should be your focus. Solid research shows that shorter bursts of high intensity exercise produce more significant weight loss results than logging long hours of moderate exercise such as running. Hands down, no contest.

If you are wondering how to incorporate some higher intensity exercises into your cardio filled life, here are a few ideas to get you started. You won’t need anything besides your own body weight, some water, and some determination!

Jump Squats:squat-jump-628x363

Start standing, legs hip width apart, core connected, chest lifted, and shoulders retracted. As you inhale, sink down into a squat, keeping weight in your heels, chest lifted, and navel drawn in. Exhale as you power up out of your squat, working through the hamstrings and gluteus as you propel into a jump. Land softly with your toes facing forward, knees soft, and core connected. Repeat.

Split Lunge Jumps:split-jump-ss

Start in split lunge position, right foot in front. Core is connected, shoulders relaxed, hands behind head with fingers interlaced. Inhale down into your lunge. Be careful to keep your weight centered, and in the toe of your left (back) foot, and heel of your right (front) foot. Exhale as you power up out of your lunge, switch legs midair, and land back in split lunge position, this time with left foot forward. Keep your landings controlled and soft, and always keep your core connected. Repeat.


Start standing, legs hip width apart, long through the back, core is connected. Hinge forward and place your hands on the ground. Working through your center, hop both feet back so that you are in plank position. Inhale as you lower yourself down into a push up. Exhale as you push back up into plank position. Hop both feet back in towards your hands, and then power all the way up into a jump. Repeat.

 Perform three sets of ten of each exercise, three times per week for two weeks. As your body adapts, you will be able to challenge yourself to do more.  Keep pushing yourself…. you’ll love the results!

Keep It Real

keep it real


Anybody who knows me knows that I am not a fan of fads, pills, supplements or quick fixes.  So for all of you who are tempted to buy that promising new weight loss supplement, or book your liposuction and body contouring procedures, consider these options, and the benefits that they provide!

  • High intensity interval training not only burns a ton of calories, it boosts metabolism and releases hormones that facilitate fat loss.
  • Strength training encourages muscle growth, helps to boost metabolism, and improves skin tone.
  • Core based, mind/body workouts will provide increased stamina, endurance, strength, as well as help to correct any postural imbalances. Mind/body work also reduces blood pressure, and has been scientifically proven effective in treating ailments ranging from cardiovascular disease, to lung cancer, to depression and anxiety. In fact, meditation is proving to be so effective that large corporations are now integrating meditation into their employee training’s!
  • Any type of exercise releases endorphin’s, increases energy, and burns calories!!
  • Rest; exercise stresses the body, and causes inflammation. Be sure to add rest into your balanced fitness program so that your body can recover and rebuild.
  • Sleep; Sleep boosts our immune system, raises levels of muscle repair agents, and reduces inflammatory hormones.  It also helps us to regulate our hunger and cravings. Studies actually show that women who get 7-9 hours of sleep have less of a hunger response than women who get less than 7 hours.
  • Post workout refueling; as I mentioned earlier, exercise causes inflammation. Adding antioxidant food choices (fruit or vegetables) to your carbohydrate and protein rich post-workout snack helps to prevent inflammation and rebuild muscle.

So make some time to incorporate a balanced fitness and wellness program into your life.  You will absolutely lose weight, tone and tighten your body, have increased energy and stamina, brighter skin, healthy hair, lower blood pressure, and improved focus. There is no pill, supplement, surgery or procedure that could take the place of a good fitness program, and a healthy lifestyle!