And We’ve Only Just Begun



Tomorrow is June 30th, and it is bringing to a close the first month of business for Core Fitness and Nutrition. This is a journey that I started many years ago. There have been plenty of twists and turns along the way… most journeys, I thought I could have been thrown off course several times, only to learn that the roads I have been taken down were meant to prepare me for what was to come.

When it came time to start to put all of my ideas into action this past year, the first step was to get it all on paper, and make a plan. Yes, a business plan. (Have you met me?) If you have, then you can begin to understand the magnitude of ME spending long hours and late nights doing research, crunching numbers, creating spreadsheets….UGH! But a necessary evil to get this plan up and off of the ground. I was fortunate enough to have the guidance and support of my family and friends….especially my husband who both insisted that I do this planning, and then sat in awe watching as I actually did it!

Then came time to search for the perfect location. We spent weekends driving around looking for spots, and I put in a phone call to my trusted Real Estate agent to keep her eyes open for me. I explained to her that I needed a unique and beautiful location, and if she could find me something like 62 Main St. in Upton, I would be thrilled. (No lie, I said those things). Of course at this time 62 Main St. was unavailable. Eventually, I found a spot that would be suitable for Core in downtown Hopkinton. It wasn’t perfect, but we could make it work. We entered into negotiations, and were coming close to making a deal when I got the phone call……..

It was my Real Estate agent calling to give me the very first word that 62 Main St. was coming available NEXT MONTH! (Thank you Tina!!) How much better could this get? The rest is history. We signed the lease, and got moving getting the space ready for our new Pilates and Spin Studio.

Now here we are, three weeks and one day into this adventure that has been a dream of mine for a dozen years. I love teaching people about fitness and wellness. It is such a large part of who I am. It is so rewarding to be a part of peoples transformations. To get to know each and every one of my clients and students, and watch them grow and become stronger is a privilege that I am thankful for. Now to be surrounded by my wonderful team of instructors (Sharon, Rick and Rebecca, Thank You for starting this journey with me!) and my long time clients who have become like family to me (you know who you are, and I love you!). And last but not least, the wonderful new clients and students that have become part of our team. I am looking forward to watching you succeed as we all move forward to grow and build a larger community of support and encouragement for people to come and realize their true potential!

~Strong Body~Inspired Mind~Balanced Life~

Keeping our kids injury free

kids injury

Kids and sports are a wonderful combination. Team sports benefit our children in many ways ranging from keeping them fit, instilling a sense of belonging, encouraging teamwork, and helping to improve academic performance. But as our kids get older, the competitive edge gets sharper, and our kids have to train harder and longer in order to stand out. With this increased pressure comes a drastic increase in the risk of injury. So what steps can we take to keep our kids safe?

Kids who specialize in one sport are at a significantly higher risk of injury than kids who do not specialize. If you have a child who specializes, be sure to offer an off season activity or sport that does not demand the same movement patterns as their main sport.

Be certain that you child gets one day per week of rest so that their body can repair and rebuild. Keep your kids hydrated and fueled. Tired bodies are injury prone bodies.

Have your kids incorporate strength training and core work primarily as a means to prevent injury.

Teach kids proper movement patterns, and proper form while exercising. This is the time for our kids to build their foundations of movement. Creating bad habits now will result in imbalances that last a lifetime.

SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE. With the mounting pressure to succeed, kids are pushed to train hard and long with a short term goal of becoming faster and stronger. This type of training often results in long term injuries that could end sports careers during, or even before college age. We need to put our kid’s long term health as a priority, and build their bodies slowly and safely.